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Duke Historically Failed This Year Because Of Coach K

So this tweet has been going around since yesterday when Kentucky lost. I know, I know. Kentucky hasn’t made the Final Four since *gasp* 2015. A whole four years where there was a buzzer beater and overtime loss in the Elite 8.

Did you know that in the same time frame Duke hasn’t made the Final Four either with two losses in the Elite 8 but losses to South Carolina and a double digit loss to Oregon in there too? I mean it’s gotta be tough with Kentucky locking up those top recruits.

Oh, wait

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 8.52.45 AMScreen Shot 2019-04-01 at 8.53.00 AM

I know Kentucky is blue, but that’s a Duke logo. Oh, my. Just a bunch of top recruits at Duke this year and not making the Final Four.


In reality it was because of K’s refusal to adjust. The best thing for Duke was playing Zion at the five spot. That’s where Duke was at its best. Guess what? K rarely put him there. When he did? Comeback against Louisville. Closed the game against UCF.


That said, this Duke team peaked in the ass kicking against Kentucky on night 1. We saw Duke at its highest right then and there. Zion was doing very Zion thing. The four freshmen outscored Kentucky. We saw what Duke was capable of.

Except Duke never got better. The rest of college basketball did. Teams started to adjust to Duke. They defended in different ways. They attacked different ways. K made minor adjustments during the year, but if we’re going to hold top talent and not making the Final Four standard to one coach. Well, K put up a stinkbomb.

How does Zion not touch the ball the last couple of possessions? How do you not adjust anything there? Imagine the outcry if this was Calipari.