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Dedicated To Our Friends At KO Barstool...A Special Smokeshow of the Day Edition - The Best "Viva La Stool Blackout Pictures" Album

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In honor of DCU being 1 month away I figured we’d put together a gallery of the best pictures we’ve had submitted of girls asking for free tickets.    Also a little reminder why it’s the best party on earth.    You don’t know till ya know.  There is nothing else like Barstool Foam on this planet.    Best traveling circus/rave going period.



Lupos – Wed Feb 6th – Tickets on Sale Now

Toads BLACKOUT – Feb 7th  SOLD OUT

Springfield FOAM – Feb 8th (Tickets on Sale Now)

Philly FOAM – Feb 9th (Tickets on Sale Now)

Towson BLACKOUT – Feb 13th – Tickets On Sale Now 

Washington DC BLACKOUT – Fur Nightclub – 2/14 – BUY TICKETS 


Baltimore FOAM – Feb 16th SOLD OUT

Worcester FOAM – Feb 22nd (Tickets on Sale) 

Irving Plaza BLACKOUT Feb 23  SOLD OUT

Panama City BeachMARCH 11

Panama City BeachMARCH 18