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Philly Twitter Hero @FanSince09 Helps Identify The Scum Who Beat Down A Gay Couple In Center City For No Reason

Link To Video Because That’s What We Do

PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police are crediting social media for helping them with the investigation into an alleged hate crime in Center City. Detectives have been trying to figure out who brutally attacked two gay men at 16th and Chancellor streets on Thursday night. Police say the punches were so intense that they left one of the victims severely injured. His jaw is now wired shut. Investigators say it started with the group making derogatory comments about the pair’s sexual orientation, then the punches started flying. On Tuesday, investigators released surveillance video of up to 12 possible suspects. Shortly after that video was released, a photo was found on Twitter. A user named Greg said he got it from a friend of a friend. Then, another man using the Twitter handle @FanSince09 retweeted the photo, and lots of people immediately wrote to him identifying the restaurant.


By now most people in Philadelphia know of the hate crime that was committed over the weekend in the relatively safe neighborhood of 16th and Chancellor. 12 white people in their mid-20’s, guys and girls, passed by a gay male couple and spewed out unprovoked, derogatory homosexual remarks. A beat down from nearly all the members of the party followed that resulted in major injures to both gay males. Obviously the hate crime in itself is beyond disgusting, but 12 on 2? That’s fucking despicable in any situation.

Here is a video of the group released by the authorities that shows them walking before the brutal assault:


Police have been vigilantly looking for the suspects since the attack and had no real leads until @FanSince09 received a pic and was on the case. Here is what transpired:

@Fansince09 saw this Tweet from a SF area person who was given the picture of the suspects from a “friend of a friend of a friend”. Fan indentified the restaurant and the ball got rolling from there:


He then dilligently checked Facebook to see if anyone checked in at the restaurant and BINGO! We’ve got a gay bash match.


Some of the suspects have apparently been identified and are lawyering up as we speak. But kudos to @FanSince09 and other social media members who helped tracke down these super pieces of shit. There’s no place for them in Philly or society. Hopefully they get what they deserve.