Reader EMail - How Far Is Too Far To Travel In Order To Get Laid?



Hey Trent,

So I’m planning on taking off and driving 10 hrs to Colorado this 3 day weekend, basically just to go have sex with this chick.
My friends are calling me crazy for driving that far.  I’ve hooked up with her before so I know its good, and I think its worth it.
Am I crazy? is 10+ hrs too far to go for pussy?


So I know I’m new here but this has to be the easiest reader question in the history of reader questions, right?  Like I’m surprised this is even a question.  The answer is simple: no distance is too far.  Your friends are idiots.  Get in you car right now and head to Colorado.  Don’t wait until the weekend.  Quit your job and quit your friends.  Leave now and don’t look back.  10 hours is a Sunday fucking stroll in order to get laid.  Some hardos will say shit like No way dude.  I make girls come to me. or You’re a whipped little bitch if you travel 10 hours just to get laid.  So fucking be it.  Guys who say stuff like that were blessed with normal looking faces and unawkward bodies.  Yeah, I just made up the word unawkward and it’s awesome.  Pres didn’t bring me on board for nothing.  But guys like you and me need to take it where we can get it.  I don’t know what you look like, but I basically look like a grown up baby with a receding hairline and cankles.  This might surprise you but that look isn’t making panties drop.  Until the day comes when it does, I’ll take a hot air balloon to the fucking moon to get laid if I have to.  Case closed.