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Wake Up With Video Evidence That Yu Darvish Isn't Terrible

Alright no surprise here but this weekend was absolutely BRUTAL for the Chicago Cubs. I’ll get into better detail later but for now just know it was painful and in the center was our guy Yu Darvish. He managed to walk 7 Rangers in less than 3 innings which is actually impressive. Like normally they take you out after 6 but I digress. Point of this is to remind you though that at some point in history Yu Darvish could flat out deal. I don’t give a shit if that was almost 6 years ago we need small victories here folks. 15 strikeouts and almost a no hitter. Look at that. It actually happened.

Here’s a couple other for my degenerates out there that need a little shot of life. I know it looks bad now but uh…….. trust me. Shit gets way better. I think. Honestly I have no clue just watch the videos and say a prayer to whoever