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Reader Email - Is Stockpiling Your Ski Lift Tickets On Your Jacket The Ultimate Hardo Move?

Reader Email

Not sure if you’ve ranted on this subject before, but people that wear all of their ski passes like gold medals are the worst. Maybe this guy could justify one because he forgot to cut it off after the long weekend, but he has at least 6 dangling. I get it, you ski, bro. It’s almost as bad as people that leave on their wristbands after spring break. Thought it might be good if you could publicly shame these assholes. Keep the A+ blogs coming.


Typical Feitleberg move here with the duck boots and lift tickets.  Anyway there is no chance I haven’t blogged this before. After all this is probably the #1 hardo move in the world. Everybody at one time or another has seen an asshole who keeps all the lift tickets on his jacket. Don’t get me wrong I did it too back in the day. Back in junior high I’d just load em up on my CB parka. Sunday River right in your face bro. Deal with it. But once you turn 13 there is just no acceptable reason to do this. What are you trying to accomplish? To prove to people you ski?  You think I give a fuck you went to Loon 2 weeks ago?  You want a fucking cookie? Nobody cares. Although I will say that as I’m writing this I’m sort of having a change of thought mid blog. I mean it’s such an outrageous hardo move that if you’re gonna do it you might as well go all out. I’m talking never cut one off. Like have 100 tickets just jammed up in there. I’d actually respect that more than this clown how has 5 or 6 just dangling.