Best of the Best GTA Week 14 Voting Now Open

3 time defending champion, Pro Surfer Anastasia Ashley


Challenger: Jess Green

Jess Green is back and wants another shot at the belt. A little over a month ago Jess was in a championship bout. But she ended up just another casualty of Leanna Bartlett’s Reign of Terror. This week though, she absolutely annihilated all challengers. Like not even close. I didn’t want a repeat challenger so soon, but there’s absolutely no denying the ass dominance this week from Jess. She probably should have never lost in the first place. She just ran into a Dynasty. She’s back with a serious fucking vengeance.

Is this the last hurrah for Anastasia Ashley and her sandy cheeks? The experts are predicting a blowout.

Vote 1 for the champ Anastasia Ashley Vote 10 for the contender Jess Green

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