The Woman That Is Accusing Kristaps Porzingis Of Rape Reportedly Claimed He Called Her His Slave As He Beat And Raped Her

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks

NY Post- Former Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis allegedly called a black woman a “slave” and a “b—h” as he beat and raped her, according to a report. The 7-foot-3 athlete, who is white, is accused of referring to the woman as “my b—h” and “my slave,” adding that he owned her, during the alleged Feb. 7, 2018, sex assault in Porzingis’s Manhattan penthouse, according to TMZ. The woman made the claim to cops, the Web site said.

Law-enforcement sources told The Post — which broke the story Saturday that the NYPD is investigating the rape allegation against the hoops star — that they could not immediately confirm that he used the vile language.

Jesus Christ, man. Like I said yesterday when this story broke, there is going to be a full investigation of these claims and hopefully the NYPD can figure out what the hell happened that night. But these accusations piling on top of the original rape claim are just gross to read. I get that things may get said in the throes of passion between even consensual partners. However adding the word “slave” to these already heinous charges makes you even sicker to your stomach.

Meanwhile Kristaps Porzingis’ lawyer came out and denied those charges while calling the woman’s demands “extortionate”.



Obviously none of us may never know what happened on February 7th. But all we can do is let the investigation play out and see if the police can figure out what the hell happened in that apartment.

It is also unclear how much the Knicks knew or disclosed to the Mavs before they traded Porzingis to Dallas.

What a couple of NBA teams knew before the trade doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of this case. But like everything else, we will have to see what type of information a full investigation into these accusations brings to light.