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NCAA Tournament Gambling Guide: March 31 (Elite Eight)

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 17 Big Ten Conference Tournament - Michigan State v Michigan

It’s that time. It’s NCAA Tournament time. What better time than to continue to put out some picks and breakdown some games as we all look to get some extra cash in March. We’ve had a decent run so far this year, let’s hope it continues. These will come out different times during the day to split up games. As is tradition I’ll make a pick for every single games. 

Reags Recommendations (65-63-3, 23-32-1 NCAA Tournament)
Auburn +4.5
Duke -2

No. 5 Auburn vs No. 2 Kentucky (Kentucky -4.5/141.5)
This game is overshadowed a bit with the loss of Chuma Okeke for Auburn. The 6’8″ sophomore was having a breakout year and tore his ACL against UNC. That’s just such a massive blow for Auburn as he’s an excellent rebounder and really lets them space the floor with his ability to shoot. That said, they still have two guards in Jared Harper and Bryce Brown that create havoc defensively and can take over a game with their shooting. We know the one weakness Kentucky has defensively is guarding the 3pt line. There’s been a better effort during the NCAA Tournament with having to chase around Wofford and Houston but it’s still a weakness. I am curious to see how Auburn matches up now with Okeke out. I expect to see more Danjel Purifoy but I wonder if we see more Austin Wiley to provide a big to go against Reid Travis – who was really good in the game against Auburn this year.
Pick: Auburn +4.5

No. 2 Michigan State vs No. 1 Duke (Duke -2/150)
Here we are. Duke survived back to back games with a tip at the buzzer to make the Elite Eight. Sometimes that’s all you need in order to advance and that’s what we’re seeing here. We also know all about Zion, no point talking about him right now. But, Tre Jones has been massive the last two games ass well. Both UCF and Virgina Tech dared him to shoot to win. He shot the ball well against Virginia Tech and hit a dagger three against UCF. It is worth mentioning here that Izzo has struggled against K. He’s 1-11 against him during his career, which is just a weird stat for as good of a coach that Izzo is. The one thing I worry about with Michigan State is its shooting. Yes, Gabe Brown and Aaron Henry shot the ball well against LSU. But, Duke will challenge shots more than LSU did. Duke also has a head coach. If Michigan State can’t get shots to fall can they get past and finish over the athleticism that Duke has?
Pick: Duke -2