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John Calipari Peed On Charles Barkley's Statue At Auburn


Is he joking? Perhaps. But, this is Cal’s confidence through the roof. This is what I want to see. Get up on that podium after the crazy win over Houston and have a little fun. There’s no doubt that he and Barkley are friends with each other. Remember the press conference following Kentucky’s win at Auburn?

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 4.48.16 PM

This is just peak Cal. And I’ll say this. I know people will sit there and say ‘he doesn’t coach.’ It’s past that point. Just watch him and the defensive gameplan he designed against Wofford’s shooting and Corey Davis last night. He’s turned Tyler Herro into a top-20 pick. When all this is clicking, Cal starts delivering quotes like this.

All I know is if Cal is going to piss on Barkley’s statue, joking or not, well, I need to make a trip to Auburn.