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We Have An Early Leader For Filthiest Pitch Of The Year

I’ve sat and watched this German Marquez clip for about 10 mins straight and still can’t really comprehend how it’s physically possible to make a baseball bend like this.  We’ve seen guys like Chris Sale make hitters look stupid with his slider, but this pitch was hard and tight opposed to long and loopy like Sale’s.  Most sliders are designed to break a few inches at the last second to generate weak contact at worst, swings and misses at best…. Not break 8 feet like this one.

It’s mind boggling.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised the catcher even caught it.  That’s a feat in and of itself.

Guess this is the status quo for him though:


Also he’s currently at +5000 to win the NL Cy Young and would be a really nice sleeper pick for you degenerates out there, Coors Field be damned