Brandon Boykin Tells Eagles Haters To Literally Shove Their Opinions Up Their Asses


Alrighty then. Yup, that Tweet was deleted.

But everyone is talking about the refs “giving” the Eagles the game. I had this reserved for the Eagles wrap up blog this afternoon, but we’ll just get it out here.

Most notably we’re talking about the horsecollar call on McCoy in the 4th when the Birds were down by 7. Screw the fact Fletcher Cox was flagged for the same exact questionable penalty last week, that ONE PLAY didn’t affect the outcome of the game. It’s not like the refs fucking gave the Birds the win on a silver platter. They still had to earn the victory. Did the refs cause Trent Bitchardson to fumble? Did the refs force Andrew Luck to throw an INT almost in his RZ during the 4th quarter? Did the refs help Darren Sproles break 101 tackles to paydirt? As someone on the Eagles reddit perfectly pointed out: THEY were the ones that made the Colts go 3 and out on the last drive. THEY were the ones that flawlessly marched down the field during one last drive while managing the clock perfectly to set up the game winning FG. THEY were the ones that won the game, not the fucking refs.

And here’s Boykin on the INT play: “First of all I was in the five-yard zone, and second he fell, he flopped pretty much. He did that against Cary and didn’t get the call. He was looking for the call. But like I said, Malcolm did a great job of capitalizing on it.”

He was WELL within 5-yards to make contact.



Did Boykin give him a little love tug on the jersey? Sure. But it wasn’t strong enough for TY to go full NBA flop on the field. It’s football. There’s no reason why Hilton couldn’t have made a better effort for that ball instead of trying to take the easy way out. And it backfired like a bitch.

I’ll take 2-0 anyway we can, and so would you. Go Birds.