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Wake Forest Student Receives Death Threats On Twitter After Telling Fellow Students They "Need To Grow Up"

Wake Forest University has found themselves in a little bit of a controversy this past week after a parody student body photo was posted on Instagram:


Pretty funny and obviously a parody, however, this was not taken well on campus. You may have thought that a university with an acceptance rate of 28% would respond rationally to this. But as we know, that’s not how colleges work in 2019. Students at Wake Forest couldn’t just take this as a joke, laugh it off and move on with their life. The outcry was so much that the president of the school sent a campus-wide email about an Instagram story:

In a rational response, Wake Forest student Jordan Lancaster tweeted this:

This turned out to garner quite the response from Winston Salem State (the school where the parody wall is going to be built) students:

Some students even tried to get her fired from her job!

SOURCE-Wake Forest University student has received death threats and been called a “Nazi” on Twitter for mocking the university’s outsized response to a “build a wall” joke on Instagram.

Other Twitter users “called my employer and my school, found my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, reported my twitter [for violation of terms], and have actively been advocating for me to get fired and expelled,” Jordan Lancaster told The College Fix in a Twitter message.

Pretty sexist to target a woman like that. Would they do the same to a man? That’s the question I’m left thinking about.

It seems Jordan will be fine. Due to the location of her tweets, it appears she is studying abroad currently. Hopefully she doesn’t let these sexist PIGS to ruin her time in Europe.