New Jersey Man Steals $100,000 Worth Of Burger Patties

NJ.comThieves might have bitten off more than they can chew with a heist this week, police say. An entire shipping container with $100,000 in hamburger patties was stolen sometime Monday night into Tuesday morning, said Capt. James Sarnicki. The owner of BMG Logistics on West Edgar Road told police that the refrigerated, 40-foot container was stolen, along with 3,000 containers of meat, which had been bound for the Netherlands, Sarnicki said.

Who would steal 3,000 containers of hamburger meat?

I’ll tell you who stole those hamburgers…that damned sasquatch.

What the fuck is this dude gonna do with 100 grand worth of hamburger patties. Is there an easy way to move thousands of burgers to make some quick cash? A sick mark up on the hamburger black market? You think he thought he was stealing a shipping container that actually contained some valuable shit only to open it up and see thousands upon thousands of hamburgers? You literally can’t put anything past people from New Jersey. There’s a chance this guy just plans on eating all of them. There’s no telling when you’re dealing with Jersey.