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Wilt Chamberlain Of Grandmas Claims To Have Banged Hundreds Of Younger 'Toyboys'

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The late Wilt Chamberlain was famous for being one of the top scoring players in NBA history, both on & off the court. In his memoir A View from Above he claims to have slept with 20,000 women. (You can read the math breaking that down HERE.) And now there’s a woman across the pond who may be giving him a run for his money as she shoots her own shot…

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From The Scottish Sun UK:

A Gran who has bedded 200 toyboys claims sex with younger men is so good she dates multiple guys at once and says anyone who criticizes her choices are just ‘jealous’.

Gaynor Evans, 57, began her love affair with younger men after she divorced her second husband in 2010.

The gran-of-four hooked up with a 23-year-old, and has never looked back.

She now claims toyboys are better in bed, and she never dates men older than 30 as they’re the secret to keeping her young.

Gaynor, an author and businesswoman from Enfield, London, said: “I’m one of the most openly prolific cougars out there.”

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And where does a prolific cougar hunt her prey? She finds them on ToyBoyWarehouse.com, “The UK’s #1 Cougar Dating Site”, a spot where she also dishes out advice for older women & the younguns who love ‘em…

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On top of that, she’s got her own blog on SexAndTheSignPosts.com and says,

We have been vilified and give the name Cougar which paints a picture of us as predatory females gobbling up innocent and unsuspecting toyboys on a regular basis. This of course is complete crap and not how it happens at all!

But now celebrities like Caroline Flack, Kate Beckinsale and Madonna who are wearing the name Cougar as a badge of honour! As do I! And not before time. With female equality battles constantly in the headlines surely we are entitled to take the same stance as men where age- gaps are concerned?

Have to say I love her confidence & agree with her here. Old dudes have been going after younger women forever & if they are successful at it, good on ‘em. “I’m all for having it the other way around, too”, Kate typed, realizing she is getting older…

The Sun went on to note:

Despite being more than a quarter of a century older than most of them, she says her sex life is fantastic, one of the reasons why she isn’t exclusive.

Gaynor revealed: “I have never had a bad experience in bed with a younger man.”


Gaynor, you’ve lost me. You’ve never had a bad experience in bed with a younger man?!

Who has two thumbs & totally fucked in college?

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Who has two thumbs & totally faked it in college?

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But hey, if that’s true to her own experience then I’m happy for her and for the younger gents (I hate the UK term ‘toyboys’, creeps me out) who get to experience her prowess. Slam dunks all around.