Justin Fields and Jake Fromm's Instagrams Both Got Hacked Which Means It's Destiny For Ohio State and Georgia To Play In the National Championship

Yesterday Justin Fields Instagram was hacked by one of those survey scams where they try and bullshit you into doing surveys for money but really just hack the shit out of your computer.

Like one of those really bad ones where at first glance I was thinking to myself “Damn is this what high profile D1 athletes are doing now? Pretty smart to at least use their social media following to get money” and then I actually looked at it and thought “Oh fuck, his shit really got hacked.”


I think this is a great sign for Ohio State’s football season. Get all the hacking/intercepting type of shit  out of the way now before the season starts. From all accounts it’s been a great offseason for Justin Fields on the field. In the Ohio State football program, losing your black stripe means you are officially a member of the team. It’s a big honor to receive it so quickly and usually comes from guys they see making an immediate impact. It’s no surprise from Fields as it was a virtual lock that he’d be the starter once Tathan Martell transferred to Miami, but it’s always a great sign to see the coaches be wowed in person by how good he is and how ready he is to play.

I wouldn’t be doing my journalistic duties if I didn’t tell you that Jake Fromm’s Instagram also got hacked.

I am not a hypocrite, so I’ll say this could be a great sign for Georgia. As a matter of fact, an Ohio State vs Georgia matchup in the National Championship game would be an ELECTRIC matchup. I think at this point it’s destiny. Why else would they both get their instagrams hacked at the same damn time? Previewing the National Championship matchup is the only reason I can think of.

All the hype of Justin Fields going up against the school he just transferred from would be the media’s wet dream. There were rumors the Georgia locker room was divided throughout the 2018 season with half the locker room thinking Fields was better and that he should be starting and the other half thinking Fromm is the guy. This hasn’t been mentioned much in mainstream media but if this matchup ended up happening you can bet your sweet ass a bunch of stories will start flooding sports news outlets. I love a good sports beef.


The season hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already convinced myself this matchup is happening. If (When) this happens I plan on taking full credit for the start of this narrative and this blog will be reposted in a gloating manner by me quite a but if (when) this is the case. Since ESPN and America jerks off the SEC I guarantee Georgia would be favorites and I would LOVE it. I will without hesitation HAMMER THE Ohio State Money line.