Lets Rewatch All 48 Home Runs From Opening Day Since There Are No Day Baseball Games Today

When you hear the sound of a home run 48 times in less than 2 minutes

Blogger’s Note: I wrote this blog earlier today before realizing Carl had already blogged the video. But my main point was about no day games taking place on Day 2 of the MLB season, so I just changed the headline from “Watch” to “Rewatch” then published it anyway because it’s a slow news day and who doesn’t love home runs?

I know that long ball barrage felt like a bizzaro edging video where you get the climax of ball hitting bat but don’t get to see the damage it actually caused. But we are going to have to make due since the geniuses at Major League Baseball somehow don’t have any day games scheduled for the second day of the season (unless you consider the season starting when most of America was sleeping and 28 teams were still playing Minor League games).


I get that you have to give teams that play outdoors an extra day off in case Opening Day gets rained/snowed out, which would fuck over everybody that bought tickets to Opening Day and attendance for a game in April may take a hit because school is in session for kids while skipping out on work feels like more of a summer thing. But having every single one of the few games that are actually played on Day 2 at night is makes no sense, especially when the games that are being played will be going up directly against four pretty damn good Sweet 16 games. My Twitter timeline was flooded with tweets detailing every single play of every single game because people had baseball coming out of their eyeballs. The amount of tweets like that crater after Opening Day, but there is still a shit ton of excitement before we know who the good teams are, who the bad teams are, and who the abysmal teams are (looking at you, Baltimore). But to not keep the momentum from yesterday rolling by giving the cube monkeys, gambling degenerates, and fantasy players at least one day baseball game is a travesty to the game of baseball and, if we are being honest, America.

However, I will stop bitching because I wanted to acknowledge how great that video was. The sound of the dinger, the pelota taking flight, and of course the pitchers reactions. If you haven’t played the video and just watched every pitcher’s reaction to giving up a bomb, go do it now. Here are my Top 3 reactions:

3. Daniel Hudson having a moment of reflection like we all do after our morning coffee.


2. Mike Minor praying to the old gods and the new that Javy Baez didn’t just go YABO on him.


1. Matt Koch turning into a Tilt-A-Whirl as the Dodgers turned yesterday’s game into their own personal home run derby with an Opening Day record 8 bombs




So to anybody at Major League Baseball that may be reading this, here are my suggestions:

1. Keep doing videos like this.
2. Schedule at least 1 day baseball game for as long as possible after Opening Day, preferably all the way until the All-Star Break.