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The Chicago Sun-Times Sports Section Has Been Compromised

rocky wirtz

(Sun-Times)–Sacks and Wirtz invested in the paper through a new entity, Sun-Times Investment Holdings LLC, which now controls the majority of seats on the Sun-Times Board of Directors.

Jorge Ramirez will continue as the company’s chairman of the board, but the newspaper said in a press release that no decision had been made by Ramirez on whether Sacks and Wirtz will join him on the board.

“We are pleased to welcome Michael Sacks and Rocky Wirtz,” Ramirez was quoted as saying in a press release. “It is nice to bring representatives of the business community into the ownership group as we strengthen Sun-Times Media and drive the business forward.”

Rocky Wirtz adds something to his portfolio that performs worse than the Chicago Blackhawks, boom roasted

Oh man. You hate to see it. State-run media in Chicago’s second biggest paper. The Blackhawks fall on hard times and all of a sudden Rocky Wirtz is making moves to influence the narrative about the Blackhawks. Here is the thing though. Why invest in a dying brand and a dying space? Nobody cares about the Sun-Times anymore. Nobody reads newspapers. Their online formating is SHIT with all of their ads and pop-ups and clutter and bullshit. It’s impossible to navigate. Seems like an expensive buy just so John McDonough has a friendly place to turn to talk about how great John McDonough is as the team continues to lack talent and direction because John McDonough can’t admit that John McDonough doesn’t know enough about hockey to understand that Stan has been a failure the past four seasons.

You know what would be a much cheaper and arguably more influential media outlet to compromise….ME! I am DYING to be compromised. I bet Wirtz invested millions in the Sun-Times. Millions that he will never be able to recoup. You could have me and Barstool’s ARMY of 18-35 year-old men. You know…your core demographic for the future of the fanbase. The only thing I’d want is like $100k, the right to sell t-shirts unfettered, some scoops, and for Stan and John to be fired. That is it. That is all I want. And for that I will be the best cheerleader on the internet. You have my demands and my email can be found on twitter.com. Thank you.

For instance…I would just shut up about how stupid it is to continue to play Chris Kunitz over a guy like John Hayden who is young and under contract for another year. Hayden might get traded this summer, so maybe he’s not apart of Stan’s future plans, but the best way to sink his value is to leave him in the press box all Spring and tell the world that he’s not good enough to crack the lineup of a last place team. I wouldn’t say things like that. I wouldn’t tell the world that Stan MASSIVELY overpaid Jeremny Colliton while you’re still on the hook for Joel Quenneville’s $6M. Sure, there’s no coaching cap, but bad business is bad business and Stan clearly doesn’t care about your money, Rock. Erik Gustafsson has been great offensively, and that’s all people ever want to talk about which is understandable but he’s still getting paid double would his RFA tender rate was and for no reason. These are just a few examples of things I would be willing to look the other way on so people might think that the Blackhawks are being run competently.


PS: The whole “Believe In (Blank)” Campaign fucking STINKS.

You can’t just re-package the “One Goal” campaign now that you stink. It’s dishonest and lazy. Yeah, I believe in Toews and teamwork. I don’t believe that the goal is to win. Stan has made it clear that he’s not interested in winning the Cup “for 18-24 months”. That was his stated timeline for a return to being an “elite” team. When Toews and Kane are 32+ and Keith 37+ and Crawford is god knows where. He thinks he’s going to build his team around his collection of pipsqueak defensemen that are coming. He wants to have a team like the Preds. He saw the Preds whip the Hawks ass two years ago and immediately started looking for a way to have that. To have Subban, Ellis, Josi, and Ekholm. Well, I don’t know much for certain, but I am pretty sure Boqvist isn’t Subban, Jokiharju isn’t Ellis, and I can promise you none of them are Roman Josi. And that is not a knock on any of the Hawks defense prospects who I really like a lot. The Preds top 4 is an engine. It’s amazing. It’s 3 all-star type guys who can all play. Yes, Ryan Ellis is small, but he’s a fucking WARRIOR and it took him a long time to get to this level. Certainly took him more than 24 months. This is a rant and it’s running on too long but I hate this campaign. HATE. Makes me not want to buy tickets.