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WFAN Listener Sends Death Threat To Carton

As a guy who constantly gets shit like this from anonymous readers, I feel like I’m kind of an expert in this department. First thing’s first, this guy’s articulate closing of “My hate for you has grown well beyond the normal and I will give my life to bring you down. Have a nice day while you still can.” is probably the eloquent threat I’ve ever read. I usually just get “You fuckin pussy! You fuckin faggot! Your mom should have aborted you! I hope you die of a heart attack you lazy piece of shit!”

All that kinda stuff is child’s play compared to this dude. The level of commitment he showed to bringing down Craig Carton is everything a real death threat should be. But at the same time this dude is talking about the hats Carton wears and the rats invading his house and all the inside jokes and info only a diehard WFAN morning show fan would know. So you know he’s just another fan boy who probably failed in his dream to one day be a radio host and so now he lashes out. Its like when commenters try to bash the Stool and list off every single thing we do and prove they are probably our biggest fans and can’t help themselves from reading. “You think people wanna read about pizzas and burritos? You think people care about your fight with people from Honduras? You think people wanna go to your Blackout tour? Does anyone even buy those tank tops?” etc etc etc. Effectively proving they read our site like 10 times a day, took the time to register a username, comment on every single blog, and couldn’t live without us. Nobody would ever kill the Barstool bloggers because deep down you’re obsessed with all of us. Except Neil.

PS – Craig no joke you might wanna get some security though.

PPS – This is why I am always nice to Jeopardy Jesse