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Question of the Day – Could I beat up the Chick Secret Service Lady?


I’m not even joking around here. Me vs. her. No weapons. Groin shots are legal. Titty twisters are in play. Eye gouges are encouraged. Anything goes. No witnesses.  No rules. Who wins the fight? Me or her? I think I do right? And that’s not because I think I’m tough either. I’m a pussy. I know that. But I’ve always been one of those guys that thinks all dudes can beat up all girls. I don’t care how trained they are. I don’t care if they are professional boxers, MMA fighters or karate experts. I think I could just roll off my couch and punish this chick. Too much weight. Too much guy power. Like all that Laura Croft stuff is great in the movies but this ain’t the movies. In fact if I were President I’d refuse to let any chicks protect me unless I was fucking them on the side. Just no way this girl does a better job than a man at this. No chance. If you can’t even beat me up which I decided she can’t than she shouldn’t be on the job.