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The 2019 Boston Red Sox Season Is Here - Do It Again


The victory lap’s over. Last year, the Red Sox turned over a new leaf, hired a new manager, signed a middle of the order bat, and began their quest to win a World Series title, their fourth in the last fifteen years after going the previous 86 years without one. Not only did they win that title, but they left absolutely zero doubt that they were not just the best team in baseball, but the most dominant team in Red Sox history. Mission accomplished.

This year, manager Alex Cora is preaching not to turn the page, but to write the next chapter. Embrace 2018. Acknowledge that it happened. Remember that it happened. And take that with you into this new season. This is not a clean slate. This is a continuation. This is the same group of guys who wiped the floor with every single team who dared to challenge them. New season, same destruction.

It’s time for Chris Sale to reclaim his spot as the most dominant pitcher in the league, David Price to take his victory lap as a postseason hero, Rick Porcello to let his big balls drag across the mound, Nathan Eovaldi to blow 102 MPH past scrubs, Eduardo Rodriguez to blossom into a dominant lefty, Andrew Benintendi to flex his biceps across the country, Jackie Bradley Jr. to showcase his brand spankin’ new Gold Glove, Mookie Betts to rival Mike Trout for the best player in baseball, JD Martinez to make a run at the Triple Crown, Rafael Devers to rack up the ice cream scoops, Xander Bogaerts to pepper the Monster, Dustin Pedroia to begin the comeback of the century, Mitch Moreland to rope two-baggers, Steve Pearce to smoke piss missiles, Christian Vazquez to hit four home runs this year but all of them be 500 feet and either tie or win the game, Brock Holt to shake his dick at second base, and Eduardo Nunez to fall over six thousand times.

It’s time for baseball. The champs are here.