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Dentist Yanks Out All 32 Teeth Of Autistic Patient In Office Mix Up


NYDN- An autistic man from Indianapolis has been left without any teeth after a dental screw-up. Christopher Crist, 21, had all 32 of his teeth pulled out despite only going in for a routine operation to extract three, reports WTVR.  His family claim the dentist gave him pills to numb the pain – and before he knew it, they had removed all of Crist’s teeth. “It [THE PILLS]made me loopy and as they were doing that, they were shooting my gums with the numbing gel,” Crist told the station.  “They took the first three that I asked them to and then they just kept going,” he added. His parents said they were trying to get his patient file from the dentist and would be filing a complaint with the state of Indiana.

Whoops! Sorry about that one pal! The old I-pulled-29-extra-teeth mix up. Happens all the time here at the office.

I’d love to get the scoop from the dentist on this one. Like is there some patient out there with a file that says “Pull all of his teeth out?” Like I could see one that says “remove 3″ getting mixed up with “remove 5″ or something. Personally speaking I don’t think you should be getting any teeth yanked out of your head. This is 2013. Not the 1950s. But regardless, I could see a small mix up like that. But what possible explanation can there be for some dude needing 32 fucking teeth removed? When is that ever the procedure thats supposed to be going on? All right Christopher Crist! All your teeth are gone! Now get back out there in the world unable to eat looking like some some Autistic freak of nature! And don’t forget to grab a lollipop on the way out!

PS – I don’t care how Autistic you are. You gotta stop someone from pulling 29 extra teeth. Just gotta do it. Autism is an excuse for a lot of shit but not for getting all 32 teeth yanked out of your head.