Cops Called When Strippers Duke It Out Over A Dollar

JUNEAU, Wis. (AP) Two dancers at an exotic club in Juneau have been cited after they allegedly brawled over a dollar bill. A Post-Crescent of Appleton report says one of the women is pregnant. Dodge County deputies say they were called to Silk Exotic last week to break up a fight. They say it started when a customer tried to give a dollar to one of the dancers but the other dancer took it. The sheriff’s report says both women began to brawl. They tussled on the floor, punching, slapping and pulling each other’s hair. Other dancers and customers separated the two. Both women were cited for disorderly conduct.

Two quick things on this story.

1. Why the fuck was there a pregnant stripper? Shouldn’t you be forced to call out gross if you’re a stripper and get pregnant? Your job is to look hot and that’s physically impossible to do if you have another human being inside of your stomach. Can’t have pregnant bitches running around the club, spinning on the pole with their cankles and giving what I guess would technically be a 2 for 1 lapdance. I’ve gotten into some weird shit in my day but I still get horrified and soft whenever there’s a naked pregnant girl thumbnail on the YouJizz front page.

2. I know most people read it and think “who would fight over a dollar?” and I get that. I wouldn’t even take the time to bend over in the street for anything less than a 5. But to a stripper a dollar is basically a trophy. It’s a tangible object which tells you that you done good. A gold star for shaking your ass. So it’s not so much that they’re getting defensive about a single dollar bill, it’s the principle that they earned it. Lot of pride in the stripping game. Taking another stripper’s dollar is like wearing another man’s Medal of Honor and saying it’s yours. Just a disgusting act.