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Batman Showed Up To a Crime Scene to Save The Day, But The Police Refused His Services

So the big question at the end of Dark Knight Rises that everyone has been debating since 2012 is “Did Batman die?” You all know the scene I’m talking about. We’re led to believe that Batman is killed when he flies over the ocean with Bane’s atomic bomb and we see a massive explosion. But then, at the very end, we see Alfred greeting an apparently live and well Bruce Wayne…

What’s the deal? Was this Alfred’s imagination, or did Batman somehow survive the blast? Well, I guess we got our answer this week when Batman resurfaced in public as his usual crime fighting self. This video was posted to Facebook in Kelowna, Canada, where the police apparently did not see any need for the superhero.


This video is hilarious for many reasons. The first of which is that this grown ass man is wearing a Halloween costume in the middle of March. Must’ve got it on clearance! Next, he sat and listened to the police blotter until he heard there was a crime scene, and then geared up as Batman to go save the day. How long do you think he sat there? Every night until the perfect time came about? And all of this is funny and all, but what really got me is when he went back to his truck after the police told him to get lost, and he had a Batman sticker on the tailgate!!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.40.24 AM

At first I thought this guy was some asshole that was trying to be funny, but now I’m thinking we may actually be dealing with the real Batman here. Bruce Wayne himself. He literally has his own Bat Mobile! So for the police to have the audacity to turn away his services is disgusting. I’ve never seen Canadians be so rude. I thought Batman was the hero Canada deserved, but it appears he’s not the hero it needs right now…