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Four New Sports Recommended For The 2024 Olympic Games In Paris

1) Skateboarding
2) Surfing
3) Climbing
4) Breakdancing


According to CBC News:

Breakdancing and three other sports have made the next move toward becoming medal events at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board has recommended adding breakdancing, skateboarding, sports climbing, and surfing to the Paris program when the full membership meets in June.

A final decision must be made by the board in December 2020 after further monitoring of the four.

IOC president Thomas Bach says the “more youthful and urban” sports offer “new opportunities to connect with the young generation.”

Though breakdancing would be a new addition, the other three are already confirmed on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics lineup.

I’m actually surprised skateboarding and especially surfing were not on the list yet. The only one that tilted my head a little was breakdancing, but if they can judge floor competitions in gymnastics and ice skating routines, etc. I don’t see why they can’t do this either. As for rock climbing, I’m not quite sure how they’ll judge that but I’m guessing it’s more of a speed to the top sort of thing? (No shit.)

If I were on the Olympic Committee these are the sports I’d recommend:

1) Bar Darts (mostly for the shirts & celebratory moves)

2) Philly Stones

3) LARPing (would watch the shit out of this)


4) Cornhole (have won our family’s Jersey shore tourney twice, so might have a shot at making this team. nbd.)

Whatever sports get added through the years, there’s only one thing that’s truly important in the spirit of the games; America winning the most & other countries feeling bad about themselves as a result.

What sports are you adding if you’re on the committee? (In this scenario, tailgate sports are fully acceptable.)