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Terrell Suggs Calls the Patriots "Arrogant Fuckers"

And so it goes.  When you’re in the hunt for the championship every single year, when the worst seasons you have involve winning your division, earning a bye week, hosting the Championship Game but falling short of winning the Super Bowl, this is the reaction you get.  The world takes a long relaxing soak in a hot tub filled with your blood.  It’s the price of poker for the Patriots.  Other former champs like Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Denver, the Giants… they have the luxury of years that end in defeat without getting their noses rubbed in it.  But not New England. Being a Patriot means you can’t lose without the opponents talking all sorts of shit about you.  Rasmussen did a poll before this weekend that said 41% of Americans said the Patriots are the team they least want to see win the Super Bowl.  So the country would rather see shitbags like Terrell Suggs and Bible-thumping hypocrites like Ray Lewis win than the Patriots.  And why?  Is it because Suggs is right and the Patriots really are “arrogant fuckers”?  As opposed to humble, respectful, true sportsmen like Suggs?  No.  It’s because they’re sick of the Pats always being in the hunt.  Always fighting for ring No. 4.  Never taking a season off. It’s the cost of being consistently excellent.  And I’d rather have them hate us than than not care, the way they don’t when other teams lose.  If rooting for arrogant fuckers is wrong, I don’t want to be right.  @JerryThornton1

(Thanks to Joey Z)