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And the Pussification of America Continues: 5 Year Old Girl Labeled Terrorist Threat For Saying She Was Going To Shoot Her Friend with Her Pink Hello Kitty Bubble Gun


MOUNT CARMEL A 5-year-old kindergartner who told classmates she was going to shoot them, and then herself, with her pink bubble gun, was grilled for three hours by Mount Carmel school officials without her mother’s knowledge, then suspended, a family attorney said. The girl was initially kicked out for 10 days in what the school categorized as a “terroristic threat,” according to the kindergartner’s mother and confirmed by the family attorney. That suspension was reduced to two days and labeled as a “threat to harm others.” According to Robin Ficker, of Bethesda, Md., the parents’ lawyer, the kindergartner was playing with two friends and spoke about her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun, which shoots bubbles. Ficker said the girl mentioned that she was going to shoot one of her friends and then herself with the bubble gun, so that they could all be together. Then, she was going to shoot herself again when she got home. “All I know,” said the mother, “is what my daughter has told me and she said she was told she could go to jail, which is a very traumatic thing for a 5-year-old to live with.” Before being allowed to return to school, Ficker said, the girl had to undergo psychological testing from an independent practitioner. “The psychologist said that she posed no danger to others,” Ficker said. “I think it’s pathetic when little kids can’t play… or get in this kind of trouble for using the wrong words. This little girl is one of the least threatening people in the state of Pennsylvania.”

School administrators doing it big per usual. Just when you think you’ve seen it all and they can’t get any more delusional they somehow manage to outdo themselves yet again. Like honestly what is going through the Superintendent’s head here? How detached from reality can you be? And you know what the best part of this story is? The school still won’t admit they fucked up. The parents of this girl are still fighting to have “terrorist” removed from her file. All because of a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun. Like she’s the Osama Bin Laden of bubble guns. As Don King says only in America! Where real school shootings aren’t nearly as scary as the people who run the schools.