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Bearded Woman From Germany Says She's Ready For Love

Daily MailA mother who began sprouting thick facial hair after the birth of her son 28 years ago says she’s feeling sexier and more confident than ever before, having finally stopped trying to get rid of her beard. The German-born woman, identified only as Mariam, appeared on ITV’s This Morning to discuss why she stopped tweezing the hair on her face which she had been plucking every day for almost two decades. Mariam, 49, also explained to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that she is happy with the way she looks and would not change her situation, despite being criticised for her behaviour by her own mother. She also said she is able to look past the comments of internet trolls who target her bearded woman blog to tell her ‘people like me should be sent to Russia… or shot’. Mariam – who has had tests to rule out serious medical problems more associated with excessive hair growth in women – told Phil and Holly, along with expert Dr Carol Cooper, that she had never had any facial hair before the birth of her son, after which it gradually began growing.  Ten years on, the hair was growing thick enough for a full beard, and Mariam would laboriously tweeze out each hair every morning. ‘I asked my mother what to do and she told me to tweeze them, never to shave or wax. And then I visited my gynaecologist who said it happened to lots of other women so I shouldn’t worry. But they didn’t really give me a reason. Now I know it must be inherited ‘My chin got really red and inflamed from all the plucking, and some of the hairs were ingrown, so it always looked like I’d fallen on my chin. Mariam now travels with a circus as the bearded lady act, which she says she enjoys since she has studied acting in the past and also likes educating people about the issue. Mariam, who has been single for a decade, also says she is looking for a relationship now that she is feeling sexy and more confident. She told Holly that even if she could she would not change her situation”

You hear that fellas! Mariam is open for business! She’s ready for love now. Took herself off the market for about 10 years but now she’s DTF. Don’t you all go falling over each other banging on her door.

Jiminy fuckin cricket Mariam. You’re gonna have to simply choose between being a bearded woman of the circus or finding love. Its one or the other, toots. Because unfortunately for you, those two things are completely mutually exclusive. I mean even other circus freaks are probably like “Get this hairy bitch away from me!” The dude with 6 foot long fingernails or the guy who’s covered from head to toe in tattoos wouldn’t even stoop to this level. Imagine some chick’s beard rubbing up against your dick when she blows you??? Doesn’t matter how desperate you are, there’s no way you can deal with that sort of turn off.

But this is Barstool Sports, where we dive deep into the depths of dark, dark places. So the question is, how much money would it take for you to be Mariam’s boyfriend? I’m not talking about just banging her. She’s looking for love. So lets assume this chick has an unbelievable fortune from her travels as the ugliest chick on earth, and in order for you to access it, you really gotta pretend to be her man. Be her shmoopie. Love dovey. Kiss her in public. Eskimo kiss her and rub up against that beard. Snuggle with her at night. How much money would it take for you to fake an entire life devoted to this Sasquatch?

I think I’d do it for like 1500 bucks.