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Girl Tries To Have A Relaxing Day By The Pool, Literally Every Single Thing Goes Wrong

That was fantastic and I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoyed it. Not sure why enjoying someone else’s pain is a thing humans are into but boy did I enjoy myself watching that. Laughed out loud at my desk as soon as her foot hit the beach chair and the chaos ensued. Every thing that could’ve gone wrong there, went wrong and went wrong in a hurry. Is that Murphy’s Law? Pretty sure it is. If it is, that video is the perfect encapsulation of Murphy’s Law. That girl thought she was headed out for a nice relaxing day by the pool and it couldn’t have turned out worse for her.

The biggest upset of the video is that she didn’t go for her phone first after the initial crash. Maybe it was the shock of it all but she grabbed her speaker and then dove in for her phone, both of those things will not work ever again so I suppose it didn’t matter. Broken speaker, broken phone, broken tail gone and bruised self esteem but she got a super duper viral video out of it so maybe it was worth it.