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'Old Town Road' By Lil Nas X Has Been Ripped From Billboard's Hot Country Songs Charts For Being "Not Country Enough"

SOURCE – The viral sensation best known as Lil Nas X has been removed from his perch atop Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. After the glitch in their system, Billboard relegated X’s “Old Town Road” to a place on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and other general charts where it arguably belongs. The reason for its dismissal is readily apparent to the country stronghold: it’s a hip-hop song in a cowboy’s outfit.

“Old Town Road” rose to number one on the Country chart because of the song’s visual theme, as depicted in the original YouTube upload containing footage from Red Dead Redemption 2, but none of the twang associated with the genre.

A source close to the situation feels that X’s omission within the Country genre is racially motivated.  “When do we get to the point where [black artists] can be accepted and played on other formats?” the plug tells Rolling Stone Magazine. “That’s still the question.” Lil Nas X declined the opportunity to comment on his omission.

That racism watch dog on twitter was probably barking his lil ass off when he heard this news. I love music but I hate these higher ups and executives who always have a stick up their ass. I just can’t imagine why this song would be apart of the country charts for months and then out of nowhere get ripped off of it because it was deemed “not country enough”. Was it country enough the first thousands times they heard it then all of a sudden someone decided it wasn’t? How does this shit even work? Is there any rhyme to their reason at all? Who from billboard is making these decisions? It all makes absolutely no sense if you ask me.

By the way this song is a fucking BANGER. Lil Nas X basically invented country trap with this song and it absolutely slaps. We ain’t pulling up in foreign whips no more, we’re pulling up on foreign horses. Real thoroughbred type shit. Or on a pimped out John Deere. “Ridin’ on a tractor, lean all in my bladder” is a combination of words I never thought I’d see together but you bet your sweet ass that I’m here for it.


I need answers from these wack ass billboard people. Is it because they can’t stand to see a black guy on top of the country charts that’s not named Darius Rucker? I’m not saying that, but there’s a lot of people that are. I don’t know what to think but it wouldn’t shock me if it had something to do with it. I haven’t received all the data, but I’d think there has got to be some type of correlation between people who religiously listen to country music and racism. I’m not at all saying that everyone or even a majority of people who listen to country music are racist, but what I am saying is that I bet you are more likely to be racist if you listen to strictly country music as opposed to rap music. It makes you think, Was this racially driven? The world may never know, but the world most certainly has their suspicions.