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A Random Canada Man Is Filling Potholes In Exchange For Weed, Coffee, Or Cash

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 8.59.21 AMCBC - Pot for filling potholes seems like a decent trade says a 22-yar-old man in Stellarton, N.S.

Joints, in addition to cash and coffee, are among some of the ways drivers have thanked John McCue for his work.

For the past couple of days — much to the dismay of authorities who have warned him to leave the job to the professionals — McCue has been out with his snow shovel moving gravel and fill from ditches to patch up potholes along Westville Road.

McCue said he’s starting a new job out west in two months and said he would like to use some of the money he’s made filling in the potholes toward living expenses, like food.

“I’m probably going to buy some weed with it, not going to lie,” he said.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 8.55.43 AMWhat a modern day Mr. Rogers this guy is, huh? I mean sure he’s nothing like Mr. Rogers, but helping is helping and as far as I’m concerned John McCue is helping.

The local police getting their panties in a bunch is hot garbage here. I didn’t see these Canadian police getting all upset when Domino’s ran that campaign to paint their damn logo onto random potholes so they shouldn’t all of a sudden have a problem when a guy is trying to fix potholes now. It tells me that some of these police think that this is no big deal. They probably have never gotten a flat tire from a massive crater and it shows.

This is how communities become bonded. I guarantee everybody here loves this guy. If they saw him just walking home one day they’d give him a free J bone just because they like him. If he needed a place to crash they probably won’t let him sleep inside because of those Dahmer glasses, but at the very least they’d let him sleep on the porch. It’s admirable really.

The only problem I would have with this guy is if he actually is constantly in the way. If anybody here knows that guy in a wheelchair who’s always in the left hand turn lane at Grand & Western you know what I’m talking about. That guy fucking stinks and I know anybody who’s encountered him will agree with me.

But, this guy? He’s harmless. Let him rake his gravel into that hole to get some weed and be done with it.