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Guy With A Chainsaw Vs. 3 Russians Drinking In A Bar - Who Ya Got?

An ordinary night out in Russia ended up like a scene from a horror movie – as a man attempted to cut people at a bar into pieces with a chainsaw. The hair-raising incident occurred in the port city of Nakhodka on Russia’s Pacific coast. The bar’s clientele, however, managed to escape the rampage as people were quick to react, disarming the perpetrator.

Anybody that picked the dude with a chainsaw clearly knows very little about Russians. Trying to take down a group of Ruskies in a bar is like trying to invade Russia during the winter. Only the foolish do it. It doesn’t matter if you have a chainsaw or a blitzkrieging army that has taken down most of Europe. Booze fuels Russians like the yellow sun fuels Superman and wielding a weapon with one of the most terrifying sounds on the planet isn’t going to change that. While my cream cheese soft American ass still fast forwards past the Colombians bathroom scene from Scarface, these Borises were able to disarm a chainsaw wielding lunatic while also making sure they didn’t spill their Smirnoff. Does this entire scene turn out differently if it’s done in the street instead of a bar? Probably not. But anybody that enters a bar full of Russians with violence on their mind is, to borrow a phrase, an idiot. A fucking idiot.