I Heard New Orleans Sucks This Time Of Year Anyway


First of all let me say I’m in an absolute state of shock right now. Absolutely stunned. So what I’m about to say right now may come off as incoherent babble because I have no feeling in my body. I’m just totally numb.

Anyway I’m not sure you can blame this loss on anybody in particular. We got whipped on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half. But I will say we had 2 drives where we left points on the board that could have dramatically changed the outcome. The end of the first half where we didn’t use our timeout and then of course the Wes Welker drop in the first drive of the 2nd half which would have given us a 2 score lead. For a guy who has accomplished so much with the Patriots I’m afraid Welker’s career will be remembered by the 2 passes he didn’t catch rather than all the ones he did. In games like these you just can’t have those types of mistakes. You just can’t. The margin between winning and losing is to thin.

As a side note since I’m not even sure Ray Lewis suited up today can he please murder Bernard Pollard and at least give the media a reason to talk about him so much.  Redeem himself for stabbing those innocent kids.  My guess is that killing the antichrist would make him even in Gods eyes.

PS – This isn’t an excuse, but the injuries finally caught up with the Pats. Yeah I know every team has em, but Gronk and Edelman were both difference makers for this team. Not having them changes this offense dramatically and it shows up against good teams.

Oh well looks like no ESPN for me now for a month.