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Origami Condom Wins Bill Gates' $100,000 Challenge

Daily Mail- A small business in California called Origami Condoms is working on a revolutionary new prophylactic modeled after the Japanese art of paper folding which has won the approval of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for being the only design to radically change the contraceptive. Other condom manufacturers have made continual efforts to make the existing, everyday condom more appealing to users by introducing new textures and flavors. Origami Condoms’ design, which has condoms folded up rather than rolled up like the ones currently for sold at most stores that sell health and convenience products, acts as a loose-fitting sheath when it’s in use and is said to move with the natural movement of the body.  ‘The latex condom was strictly protection. No one liked using it,’ Resnic told the Huffington Post. ‘We are trying to create a condom that feels great and is much closer to the real deal to encourage people to use them.’ Origami Condoms are still in clinical testing and will not be available for purchase until early 2015 at the soonest, according to Resnic.  The condom designs must first go through several phases testing before the company can apply for FDA approval, he said. Resnic said his company has not yet set a price for their accordion-shaped condoms, that they will likely cost more than traditional rubbers.  ‘Our focus is on making condom experience more pleasurable than anyone imagined possible,’ he said. ‘We almost didn’t want to call it a condom.’

So I guess its safe to say the wooden cock gun didn’t win? I swear to God Bill Gates wouldn’t know a great idea if it punched him in the dick anymore. I mean no wonder Apple is beating the shit out of Microsoft.  Joerg Sprave comes up with a revolutionary cock gun that not only makes putting on a condom fun, but easy, and Bill Gates and his stupid wife decide to go with some Japanese company that invented a dick accordion. Great choice, Bill! When was the last time you had sex anyway you square? Maybe I should just cover my dick with a parking cone, Bill. Give 100K to whoever invented the parking cone. Or perhaps I can just stick my dick inside a paper towel roll and twist the top closed. Both of those things look about as comfortable as your origami cock sock.

And not for nothin but a “loose fitting sheath” sounds like the absolute last thing you want in a condom. Just a failure all around from Bill Gates once again. By the end of the week I bet we’ll see Apple unveil the iGun Condom Applicator.