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Got To Love This Deadspin Squid Just Killing it On CNN


Everybody has been up my asshole since Deadspin broke the Manti Te’o thing. Like hey Pres how jealous are you of Junior? I bet you wish you were them now, blah, blah, blah. Yeah like I’d want to be this squid. Listen I already said that Deadspin did a great job with this story. This is what they are good at. They love doing research and paying for stories and digging up dirt and shit. But the reason I call them Junior is because somewhere along the way they decided they were going to try to do exactly what we do. They started posting weird stories, weird videos and trying to crack jokes etc. It’s like they had a company meeting and said we need to be more like Barstool. Well the only problem is they can’t because as this video shows they are a bunch of comic con nerds. I ain’t mad at them for it. Hell I’m making a fortune on this Te’o thing. Deadspin breaks it. Pageviews makes it. All I ask is they stick to this stuff and leave the funny shit to me. Otherwise I’ll have to stuff this kid in whatever locker he escaped from.

PS – Nice black shirt under the dress shirt.  Sick look brah.