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NASA Can Fuck Right Off With Saying The Perfect Nap Is 10-20 Minutes

Relaxing with the Dog

I respect NASA for a few things. Satellites are very cool. They put a monkey into space, very impressive. And let me tell you, they did a great job faking the hell out of that moon landing. But this? This is absolute nonsense and it makes me question everything about NASA to the core:

FOX 5 - The ‘perfect nap’ does exist but it’s less than an hour, according to NASA’s research.

When the midday slump begins to kick in, it might be time for a power nap. But for how long?

NASA says the perfect nap can be found between the 10 to 20 minute range.

According to their research, 10 to 20 minutes of rest gives your body the most benefits of a sleep cycle without the grogginess that comes with longer sleep.

I’m sorry, WHAT? “The perfect nap can be found between the 10 to 20 minute range?” Yeah, in your bra! That is the most erroneous, made up number I have ever heard. I’ve dozed off for 10-20 minutes and you always, alwayssss feel more tired after that because your body craves a longer sleep. I’m trying to get that good nap in, dreaming about Nina Agdal like I’m Happy Gilmore

and you cannot do that in 10-20 minutes. Just no chance.

The best naps are when you wake up and you have no idea what time it is. I love those naps. You wake up and you aren’t sure if it’s 7am or 7pm. The best is when it’s a Saturday at 7pm and you’re so incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the night. Or a good hour nap on a Sunday while the dulcet tones of golf ring in the background, nothing better than that. But 10-20 minutes? I mean what even is that? I don’t even consider a 10 minute nap a power nap. It’s nothing. It’s like staring into space while at your desk.

So NASA, good try, good effort on this one, but stay in your lane. Let us bloggers and common folk stick to the naps, and you guys stick to the aeronautical engineering. Once I start dabbling influxgate magnetometers you guys can tell me how to properly nap.