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Does This Look Like the Face of A NH Man Who Keeps Faking A Brain Injury To Trick Caregivers Into Changing His Soiled Diapers?

HAMPTONA Hooksett man with a “sexual fetish” was indicted on a criminal charge alleging he once again faked a brain injury to get an unsuspecting in-home caregiver to change his diaper. Eric Carrier, 24, was indicted by a Rockingham Superior Court grand jury on one count of attempted indecent exposure and lewdness for the incident that occurred in Hampton on Sept. 12. Carrier was arrested by Hampton police on Sept. 20 while he was on probation after being convicted of indecent exposure for attempting a similar ruse back in 2011. Police allege Carrier claimed he was a disabled 22-year-old male who could not control his bowel movements due to a brain injury. A female caregiver met with Carrier on Sept. 12 in Hampton and became suspicious when he allegedly requested she change his soiled undergarments, police said. She called authorities, leading to the investigation of Carrier.

Absolutely no shame in this guy’s fake a brain injury and trick a caregiver into changing his soiled diaper game. Just struttin that diapered ass around his house and shitting himself like it ain’t no thing. Straight ruthless aggression. “Hey caregiver who just changed my diapers and touched my junk and feces…YOU JUST GOT PUNK’D SUCKER! PIZOW! WHO GOT NEXT!”