Always Sunny Supercut Of Characters Screaming "What Is Happening?" Is Incredibly Funny

If you don’t know watch Always Sunny then you probably think this is the weirdest video in history, if you do and can picture what is playing out in all these scenes then you might think it’s the funniest.

Trying to name them off the top of my head…

1. DENNIS system

2. Gang tries to win an award

3. Not sure but it’s the new season because Mac is jacked

4. Also not sure but not the new season because Mac isn’t jacked

5. Sweet Dee gets audited

6. Gang dines out

7. Underage drinking a national concern

8. Flowers for Charlie

9. Nightman Cometh

10. Family Fight

11. Not sure

12. Psycho Pete

13. Not sure

14. Sunny Christmas

15. Gang recycles their trash

16. Gang gets held hostage

17. Mac and Charlie White Trash

18. Frank’s intervention

19. Not sure

20. Ponderosa wedding

21. Charlie work

22. Ass kickers united


23. Gang dines out

24. Held hostage again

25. Charlie Kelly king of the rats

26. Jersey Shore

27. Gang Gets Analyzed (maybe my favorite episode)

28. Gang dines out again

29. Frank retires

30. Not sure

31. Not sure

32. Gang runs for office

If you can beat me you will have my respect.