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Did the WWE Just Start a Gronk Storyline?

So I guess this begs the question: Did Lio Rush trash the name of Rob Gronkowski while dumping on Finn Balor just for a cheap Heel line to get a Boston crowd booing? Or is this where Gronk’s WWE career begins?

I have to plead ignorance on this one. It’s not like I don’t like wrestling. Like I said when the late, great King Kong Bundy was called to heaven last month, I followed the hell out of the sport during its Golden Age. For me it’s just one of those TV shows you just fall out of the habit of watching, like The Walking Dead or The Simpsons. You’re aware it’s still on, and sometimes it still spills over onto your cultural radar. But you have no idea who is who know and what the plots are.

But if Gronk is going to become a regular part of that world, I guess I’m in. Along with a lot of other Gronk fans, just to keep tabs on him. It’ll be hard not to. If this is the beginning of a storyline for him where he shows up out of nowhere on Raw some night to drop an elbow on Lio Rush and it builds towards an appearance at Wrestlemania where where he’s free to go all in, unlike this time with Mojo Rawley:


… I think it would be kind of ballsy. Gronk Unfiltered. Where he no longer has to worry about getting hurt or suffering death stares from a coach who doesn’t share his affinity for the squared circle will be appointment television. If nothing else, for the morbid curiosity. To find out if this is the life he’s chosen over football or if he’s just dabbling in it for shits and giggles. For his part, Rawley seems to think it is Gronk’s next career:

“Yo, let’s go, baby,” Mojo says in a video message for his pal … “It’s time to turn up! The handcuffs are off!”

“You don’t have the Patriots and the NFL locking you down anymore! If you thought Gronk was wild before, I’m telling you, wait ’til you see him without the shackles on!!!”

I’m still holding out hope Willie McGinest is right and this is all just temporary and Gronk will unretire midseason. But in the meantime, if he does step into the ring, at least he’ll finally be competing for a commissioner with some integrity.