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Sober For 10 Years, David Feherty Tells Bryant Gumbel He Drank After His Son's Death

Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn that was tough. Really really tough. I love David Feherty, you love David Feherty, everybody loves David Feherty. He’s the best in the golf commentary business and it’s not even close so to see him going through struggles like this is devastating. He’s been through the absolute ringer over the course of his life and he still keeps a positive and hilarious outlook. He’s dealt with alcohol addiction and drug addiction and then the tragic death of his son a year and a half ago. Obviously the death of his son hit him incredibly hard and caused him to break his sobriety after 10 years which he was up front and honest about with Bryant Gumbel. Here’s to hoping David Feherty gets past this bump in the road of his sobriety. Literally every single person in the world is rooting for him.

Feherty came to Barstool HQ a couple years ago and he couldn’t have been a sweeter or funnier man. He was exactly what we thought he was gonna be which was awesome.