Happy Birthday, Paige Spiranac!!

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 PSA: Our girl Paige Spiranac turns 26 today!

Paige is honestly an angel. I’ve blogged about her a bunch and not just because I know her pictures get page views (which obviously they do because duh). But I do it because I also REALLY respect her as a person and think her message of positivity should be said louder for the folks in the back.

She continues to shine in a world of haters, keyboard warriors and “mean girls”. People don’t forget she had to go up against one who shamed her for being proud of her body (which she should be) after she graced the pages of SI Swim. #Goals. I won’t name names, but we all know who it was…

Side note: Girls that can’t be happy for other girls STINK. Who the fuck cares if somebody wants to unapologetically posts heaters of themselves like Paige does?? Not your concern, lady. Keep it movin’.


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“Stop being offended by things that don’t concern you.” – SVP

Plus, the support she’s shown for the women of Barstool – and the guys too (shout out Foreplay) – privately AND publicly is amazing. Simply put, Paige is one of kind and she’s celebrating #26 today. So in honor of her birthday, here’s a photo gallery. I sure nobody will complain.



Thanks for being you, Paige. Have yourself a DAY. Barstool is lucky to have you on our side.