Man Gets Caught Breaking Into House After Hanging Around To Cook Up Some Corn On The Cob During Said Break In


Source – Police in Rockland, Massachusetts, have arrested a man they say broke into a home and cooked himself a snack. Officers responded to a home at about 1:40 a.m. Wednesday after getting a call from the homeowner. Lt. Nick Zeoli tells The Enterprise of Brockton the homeowner was awoken by a loud bang from the kitchen. When the resident went to investigate, he found an intruder cooking corn on the cob on the stove. He told the intruder to leave, and the two men briefly scuffled.

Quite possibly the most absurd botched robbery case I’ve ever come across in all my years of living. You see people getting caught all the time now because they log on to the computer in the middle of the robbery and forget to log out of Facebook. I totally get that. It’s 2014, and if you didn’t upload your break-in to social media, did you even break-in at all? Easy answer, no. But the move to cook corn on the cob is so outlandish that I have no other choice but to respect the hell out of it. And obviously the dude was drunk, which I think negates the possibility of any charges being filed. Think about what was going through my man’s head real quick. He hit the drunken jackpot when he found that corn. Usually my go-to’s are either A) any leftovers, or B) string cheese. Can’t even imagine how pumped I’d be to crush some corn. If somehow this manages to go to court, that’s all the defense this guy needs. You just walk right up to the judge and say, “Your honor, imagine you were on the verge of blackout and you came across a shit ton of corn. What would you do?” He’ll have no other choice but to let him go free. Shame on the homeowner for at least not waiting until the corn was done before he decided to freak out for no reason.