Michael Avenatti's Big Nike News? Deandre Ayton Received The Bag; Well, No Shit


Hold on. Let me simplify this in gif form:

Hold on, maybe this will help:

Simply put, no shit. We already knew this. I mean this was from the Adidas trial where TJ Gassnola testified he received payment to the family of Deandre Ayton. Then he went to a Nike school. Then he signed with Puma. Remember, Sean Miller is getting subpoenaed for the upcoming trial.

Again, Ayton hasn’t hid that his goal is to make money and be successful in the pros. He’s quoted saying he’s trying to get to that second contract. I don’t blame him. That’s what this is all about. The goal is to get money because you’re talented at something. I don’t understand how it’s that difficult to comprehend.

This just further proves the, well, who gives a shit attitude about this all. Twitter has been roasting him immediately with my guy Joey dropping my favorite reference:


Imagine if this is the news that he tried to extort Nike with? No kidding they quickly got him arrested.