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Remember That Trip To Syracuse That Noah Syndergaard Was Complaining About? Well The Mets Flight There Has Been Delayed 3.5 Hours


Previously in Mets to Syracuse news:

NY Post- Syndergaard also launched into Mets brass for scheduling a workout Tuesday in Syracuse — the new host city for the team’s Triple-A affiliate — instead of letting the players spend the day in New York before traveling to Washington a day later. The Tuesday workout is scheduled for the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University. “You think we would go to New York to get, like adults, our things, our affairs in order, but no, we have got to go to Syracuse first,” Syndergaard said. “I don’t know whose idea that was, but it’s not a smart one. I don’t think that’s conducive for winning ballgames, that much travel. “I am sure the amenities in Syracuse aren’t the best for major league baseball teams to go up there and have one last workout before the regular season starts, but that is above my paygrade.”

In addition, the Mets were traveling across Florida for a scheduled Monday exhibition game in Sarasota. Syndergaard said he would like to be in New York to set up his apartment. “Maybe get accustomed to that way of living,” he said. “It’s kind of a shock going from early wake-up to night games, so just be able to get acclimated and adjusted to my surroundings, I think it would be beneficial to all of us. “It doesn’t have to be New York, just not Sarasota and Syracuse. That doesn’t make any sense. We’re not even playing a game. We are just having a workout [in Syracuse]. From all the information and data and all the meetings that we have had, we’ve had sleep meetings and meetings to properly take care of yourself, I don’t think that’s the way to go. I don’t think that is what championship teams do prior to the season.”

Damn, the Mets allllllmost made it to Opening Day without looking like a bunch of idiots, a bunch of fucking idiots. Once Noah spoke out against the Mets being paraded all over the place less than 72 hours before first pitch of a marathon season, you knew something would go wrong. So now the question is what happens after this flight takes off and the players go to their hotel rooms after midnight? Does a key player tweak his back during a rocky flight and have to be placed on the DL IL? Maybe the Mets get snowed in the Carrier Dome because it is winter in Syracuse until the 3rd week of July. Or perhaps nothing noteworthy happens but all the players quietly stew because the biggest a bunch of boobs in baseball reside at the top of the team’s org chart and created yet another sideshow out of thin air. If you want to promote Syracuse being the new Triple-A home of the Mets, either send the players up before Spring Training or send a couple of retired Mets up there to shake hands and kiss babies. But this last second barnstorming tour that the players clearly hate is such a goddamn joke, I have no choice but to shrug my shoulders while shaking my head as a defeated fan and just say “Typical Mets”. It just feels oddly right to have this circus back in my life.


At least the Mets will win on Opening Day* because that’s what they somehow do every fucking year. So I guess we have that to look forward to.

*As long as the Mets don’t get snowed in Syracuse past Thursday