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KFC Thinks Taylor Swift Is A Prude And Doesn't He Look Stupid Since She Got A Boob Job

DM She arrived at the recent People’s Choice Awards in a plunging white dress which flashed a good portion of flesh. But new reports are suggesting that Taylor Swift may have undergone some enhancements to her figure of late. According to In Touch magazine, the 23-year-old singer is rumoured to have ‘received a bust boost back in April.’

Yeah Kev, real smart. Taylor Swift is such a prude and hates sex so much that she went and threw some Ds on that bitch. Went under the knife to make her tits pop so she could not have all her famous boyfriends not motorboat and titfuck her. Do you even think before you write something bro? She has clearly been wearing loose fitting, “Oregon Trail” clothing so she could release her bazookas on the world at the People’s Choice Awards.

Obviously all these guys are just jealous. They got dumped by the hottest chick in the world so they try to sully her pristine reputation. Can you really not see that? It’s the “I just got dumped by a girl I love” go-to. Trust me, I know. I’ve used it a million times. Say she’s crazy or annoying or sucks in the sack. That’s what exes do. But God love her, Taylor stays above all that mud slinging. Walks around town with her head held high, her fake chest puffed out, then picks up an acoustic guitar and writes a Billboard topper about the guy. It’s called being mature and respecting the break-up.

Quit writing about awesome celebrities and just keep your dick in your parents, dummy.