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Some Personal News - I'm Going To Be A Dad This Summer (On Purpose)

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So. I’m going to be a father (on purpose). I turned 34 this year, this explains why I bring a heating pad with me to basketball every Saturday morning, and this is how it goes when you get older. The stupid caveman brain that tells you throughout your 20’s that you’ll never want kids wakes up one day and says you know what, there’s probably more to life than sleeping in through your 30’s, I think I can care for a real human child, I think I WANT to care for real human child (we can revisit this sentence in a decade). If you’ve been following me the past 8 years you know that I have a deep love for this company and that every day I wake up my number one goal is to entertain you guys in anyway I can. With that said I’ve also tried to separate my Barstool life and private life throughout the years. It’s a very bizarre feeling becoming a pseudo internet celebrity (I hate even typing that out) when your only skills are writing a bunch of funny blogs (I hope) and podcasting. Part of keeping normalcy in a world where we’re asked to be live all the time and produce content 24/7/365 is to have a place where I can “turn it off” from time to time. I have never made my friends and family part of my content and the stoolies have been exceptionally kind and respectful in knowing what’s off limits in that regard. You guys have given me the space to have a private life outside of this mania and it truly means more than you know.

With that said, it would be pretty weird to have a child and not mention it to all of you. So here we are. I won’t be sharing much more than this right here. I wont be making content out of my child’s birth or upbringing. There is no right or wrong approach to this, just a personal one. I want to give my future son the most normal upbringing possible and that includes not putting his childhood on the internet for the world to watch. That’s my personal choice and I hope you can understand. The same goes for Lady Cat, who is going to be a great mother and has been the backbone to all of this, my ride or die through thick and thin. She supports me through everything, the trips, the long nights at the office, moving from Chicago to NYC, the 24/7 sports, she has had my back through ups and downs and all I want to do is have hers in the same way, and that’s by protecting her and hoping you guys can do the same. She’s the person who keeps me normal, who keeps me “sane” so to speak (she doesn’t let me pee in the sink at home).

So that’s that. The reason why Barstool is unlike any other media company in the world is you, the fans. No fanbase is more invested in Barstool and our lives. I hope you can support me in this next chapter by granting me and my family some of that privacy that has helped me stay sane throughout the years. Once I get my feet underneath me there will probably be the occasional anecdote here and there but that’s about it. I want to keep making you guys laugh every day and that’s what I’m going to try and do. I’m going to be a father, it’s terrifying and awesome and exciting all at once. Growing up is weird.


Dad Cat (Beat you all to it). Thank you guys.


I tried to find a couple pictures of my family as currently constructed before our arrival in June. Turns out it’s really hard to take a picture with a dog so there are only 2 I could track down, but here we are, lil cat will make 4.

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