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I Kind Of Respect The Fact That Lance Armstrong Lied Right In Oprah’s Face


So just like everybody else I watched the Lance Armstrong interview last night. I’m not even sure why I did to be honest. I think it was just so I wouldn’t feel left out on twitter. Anyway after spending 45 minutes trying to find Oprah’s channel I finally managed to tune in. Now I don’t know what I was expected, but I don’t think I expected Lance to lie right in Oprah’s face like he did. I mean that part about how he didn’t bribe the UCI (Bike Governing/Drug Committee) to make a failed drug test go away is utterly preposterous. Umm yeah you did bro. Like why would Tyler Hamilton make that up? I mean everything everybody said about you was the truth except this?   And for some reason you made a donation to the UCI for 125K at the exact time Tyler Hamilton claims you failed the test even though they were persecuting and you hated them? You were just like here let me give you $125k to help with drug testing research even though I’m the worst abuser on the bike riding tour? There is NO way in hell he didn’t bribe them and it couldn’t be more obvious. So for him just to sit there and lie right to Oprah’s face like that. Well that’s kind of awesome in a weird way. Made a mockery of the entire thing.