The Sweet 16 Is Set For The Hottest TV Character Tournament


The Sweet 16 is set. Daenerys is the lone representative of Game Of Thrones, after 12 seed Ygritte lost to Kate Auston from Lost. She joins Margarey Tyrell in the graveyard after Eva Longoria disposed of her in an absolute nail biter, 52%/48%. We also have two 11 seeds: Aunt Becky beat up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I can live with. But Caely Cuoco beating Elena Gilbert from Vampire Diaries is fucking insane. I’m going to trust you guys just dont know who Nina Dobrev is and didnt google it. Because Caley Cuoco is cute but THIS chick:

Is next level hot. Shes like a Sloane from Entourage clone. A Sloane Clone. And Sloane is gonna win this whole thing. Almost as big of a tragedy as when you didnt vote for Nikki Cox.

The Sweet 16 is mostly heavy hitters mixed in with a couple big upsets – the perfect combination for a solid March Madness bracket. Voting for the Elite 8 opens up again on Thursday to coincide with the real tourney.