Nikki Bella Confirms Relationship With Her Former DWTS Partner Artem Chigvintsev During Season Finale of 'Total Bellas'

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E! Online- Fast-forward a few weeks: Brie and her family were happily settling into their new house in Arizona, and Nikki was happily settling into her new life in Los Angeles.

“I just feel like this free spirit. Truly like a butterfly out of her cage. I don’t know, I have this new level of excitement,” said the single Bella twin before hopping on the back of Artem Chigvintsev‘s Ducati and riding off into the Hollywood sunset. “I’m ready to really explore new things and people and just really see what certain chemistries are all about.”

We have known for a while now that Nikki Bella and her former Dancing With The Stars partner Artem were an item. Like she referenced in her Instagram caption- paparazzi have captured them around LA so the last piece was Nikki confirming it herself. Which she obviously had to wait for the big reveal on her reality show Total Bellas to do that. This goes to show that there is ALWAYS chemistry with your DWTS partner. Single celeb and single partner just automatically mean there is something going on.When Nikki was on the show she was still in a relationship with John Cena. Imagine how John feels now? Probably looking back at every long rehearsal those two had. I’m sure things were platonic during the show but obviously the chemistry is there.

As much as I was rooting for Nikki and John to work it out, it’s clear why Nikki was ready to move on. It’s not too hard to understand the attraction between DWTS and Artem being well, Artem. The season finale ended with her hopping on the back of his motorcycle and riding off into the sunset.


Prayers up for John Cena.