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Respect The Game: Kentucky Couple Gets Married During UK vs Wofford, So They Put TVs Up During The Ceremony

Listen, this is how you make up for the massive mistake. If you’re a college basketball fan – especially, ESPECIALLY, in the Commonwealth you don’t get married in March. You simply can’t marry the other person if they don’t understand that. I don’t care what the dream location is or anything like that. It’s March.

However, this is how you make up for that mistake. You put TVs up during the ceremony. You show the UK game and you don’t care that no one gives a shit about you until the game ends. That’s how it is. I’ve said it before when talking about weddings. Sure, it’s the ‘couple’s day’ but really it’s all about making sure the guests have an awesome time. You cater towards that more than anything else.

But, this is what it’s about. This is why I love being a Kentucky fan. You just know that in March you get to watch the Cats, whether you’re at a wedding or not. No one even hides it. I’m a little upset the wedding party isn’t looking back at the game. I mean, it was a hell of a game, how are you not paying attention here?

Credit to the couple here. They corrected a mistake. This now became a great wedding because of that.